Fortnite Birthday Cakes

If you have a teenager, chances are they are that they are highly involved in the online game Fortnite. It is the most popular game to hit the market since Minecraft. The game is played so much, that there are times when 3 million people are playing at the same time..

If you are looking for a cool idea for a birthday cake for your teenager, a Fortnite cake may be a good place to start. We can customize the cake with your sons character and even add their friends character names to the cake to make it special for everyone.

Here are just few examples of cakes with built recently with the Fortnite theme.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Dallas TX
Fortnite Birthday Cake Dallas TX

Fortnite is more than an online game, it is not uncommon for pre-teens and teenagers to gather to watch someone else play the game. One of the most popular YouTube channels is of a gamer playing Fortnite. People live stream their game play and kids eagerly watch Fortnite games on their phone when they are not playing it themselves.

Fortnite is HUGE and a Fortnite Birthday Cake is sure to be a HUGE hit at your party.

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Custom Fortnite Cakes

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Not sure exactly what you want? You can talk to one of our designers or you can send us links to Fortnite Cakes you seen on the web. If you have seen it,  we can make it. Dallas, Frisco, Highland Park and Plano Custom Cakes - by Celebrity Cafe & Bakery.

Fornite Cake samples
Fortnite sheet cake birthday cake