Made to Order Birthday Cakes by Celebrity Café & Bakery in Highland, TX

Cakes Also Available Same Day with Some Customization


Our Highland Park team of award-winning bakers and cake designers will bake the perfect Birthday Cake, from scratch, for your special birthday. Our custom birthdays cakes are great for children as well as adults. In addition to custom cakes, we typically have cakes baked fresh daily in our Highland Park location that we can quickly customize for you. (Only simple personalizations and decorations are available for last minute cake orders.) Unicorn cakes are selling fast, totally custom made for your special birthday party.

Call the Highland Park Location (214) 528-6612 to order a custom birthday cake today. Don’t forget fresh baked cookies and cupcakes to make the birthday extra sweet.

Cartoon Character Birthday Cakes in Highland Park

Our bakers are always working to capture the special characters that your children have come to love. Getting a birthday cake with Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen, or an Elsa Birthday cake from the movie Frozen is a fantastic choice for your young ones birthday.

Unicorn Cakes Highland Park TX

Our Highland Park bakery creates and sells a lot of different version of the unicorn birthday cake. The one pictured is our most popular. We can make the frosting colors match the rainbow or theme colors of your part but mostly they are the favorite colors of the birthday girl.