Made to Order Birthday Cakes for Adults by Celebrity Café & Bakery

Standard Cakes Also Available Same Day with Some Customization


Our team of award-winning designers and cake artists will create the perfect Birthday Cake from scratch for your special occasion. Our birthdays cakes are great for children as well as adults. We do custom cake just for our adult customers. We typically have cakes baked fresh daily that we can quickly customize for you if you are in a hurry. (all birthday cakes)

Call the location nearest you to order a custom birthday cake. We may also have a fresh baked cake we can customize to your needs. 40 year old birthday, 50 years old, & 60 year old birthday are some of our most popular cake request.

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Simple Happy Birthday Cakes

We also do very simple but delicious birthday cakes for adults. Just tell what you want written in frosting and we can do a layer cake or sheet cake in and have it ready for your birthday party.

For The Adult That Has Not Grown Up

We make some fun cakes for adults that don’t want to grow up. From Star Wars to Superman, If your kid is over 20 (or 40) and you want a fun, themed cake for the party, just let us know. We do this everyday. We can make something special.

Adult Birthday Cakes for Milestone Birthdays

We also make fantastic cakes for adults for birthdays for people hitting 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and  yes 100. If you hit 110 Years Old, the cakes is on us.