Host a Great 4th of July BBQ

How can you host the the best patriotic party possible? Check out our tips below for a memorable and fun 4th of July barbecue!

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

4th of July Flag Cake

Your guests feeling hot, hot, hot is a big no, no, no at a party. We see some pretty high temperatures in the North Texas area during July, so plan accordingly. You’ll need shade and an outdoor fan at the bare minimum. To really help keep your guests comfortable, consider investing in a patio misting kit. Misting kits are an affordable way to transform your hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun patio into a pleasant atmosphere. Misters provide a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist that flash-evaporates on contact, ensuring an enjoyable climate in even the hottest environments.

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Also, you won’t want to rely on only your refrigerator’s ice maker to keep your crowd’s drinks chilled. Purchase extra ice so your guests won’t have to suffer with warm beverages. While on the subject of drinks, it can be hard for guests to keep track of theirs when all the cups look the same. Have a few Sharpies on hand so your friends can make their cups easily identifiable.

Have a Seat

Adequate seating is necessary for a successful party, so have plenty available and arrange it so guests can eat and socialize with ease. It’s hard for guests to enjoy your cookout if they’re trying to hold a plate with one hand while trying to hold an eating utensil and/or beverage in the other. Don’t have your friends jockeying for table space — make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone to eat comfortably.

Get a Quote for 4th of July Treats

    Fabulous 4th Food

    4th of July Theme CookiesThe classic American cookout is as much a part of the 4th of July as fireworks and flags. Don’t be afraid to go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs, though. Pulled pork sandwiches, barbeque ribs, grilled chicken quarters, and beef or chicken kabobs are all delicious options. If your party is a potluck or if your guests simply want to help out, suggest they provide the side items: corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, and – for those who want to phone it in: chips.

    Everyone looks forward to dessert at any party, and the 4th of July is a perfect opportunity to dazzle. Celebrity Café and Bakery has a selection of star-spangled treats from which to choose. Wow your guests with the American Flag Cake. Red, white, and blue cupcakes will thrill them as much as the evening’s fireworks. Freedom-themed sugar cookies can be customized for your party, or heart-shaped Americana cookies show off your love for this great nation of ours.

    Host/Hostess with the Mostess:

    • Help your guests stay protected by providing insect repellent and sunscreen for their use.
    • Music: set up outdoor Bluetooth speakers and be sure to put together a patriotic playlist of hits before your party.
    • Stock your bathroom with extra soap and toilet paper.
    • Set up lawn games to entertain in the dusky hours before dark and fireworks.
    • Make sure you have lots of convenient outdoor trash cans.

    Baby, You’re a Firework

    Heart-Shaped Team USA Custom Cookies

    Or perhaps not. If you reside within the extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of a city in Collin County, please check with that city well in advance of your party and preferably before you settle on your barbeque date. Most cities in Collin County have ordinances prohibiting the sale, possession and discharge of fireworks within their city limits. Some larger cities can enforce certain ordinances within ETJ and may include the possession and discharge of fireworks. A citation (or arrest) could bring your barbeque to a disappointing (and expensive) end. Check out your city’s website to see when their community fireworks show may be planned. City Independence Day celebrations are frequently held any time between June 29 and July 4. If you will be able to see the display from your house, you’re all set. If not, have a few designated drivers ready to caravan the crew over to the display area and take your party on the road.

    Happy 4th of July!